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 I'm running Internet Explorer and nothing works, but works on every other web browser?

A. Internet Explorer will drop cookies with domain names that are not RFC-Compliant Domain Names. For example  The underscore in the domain name is not RFC-Compliant.  

Q. Everything was working fine but I installed something and now nothing works.  What did I install?

A. The package "javascript-common" is sometimes installed with other HTTP programs.  It adds an alias to apache that defaults all paths to /javascript to another location.  This is fixed by removing /etc/apache2/conf.d/javascript-common.conf and restarting apache.

Q. Is the CM17A supported?

A. CM17A commands may be used in the web interface with scenes and usersyns, but not aliases. For example: SCENE  My_Lights fon A1

Q. Auto refresh mode takes forever to load! What do I do?
A. Keep in mind auto refresh scans your aliases and checks there on/off status via the heyu_relay engine, by default every 10 seconds.  This is a resourceful job and the more aliases you have the longer it will take.

Q. I've restarted heyu and now nothing is working and my server is slow. What has happend?
A. There has been a bug in the past with the script, with heyu, or both where restarting would cause heyu to hang.  This seems to be fixed as of version 11.55.

Q. What is top?
A. Top basically shows the "top" cpu hogging processes and other information.  A fast network connection is required.

Q. I've tried to connect to the interface on but I get an error.  What is happening?
A. The included apache configuration only allows access from http://localhost and

Q. It appears that through the web interface one can compose .sched files and edit .confg files, true?
A. Yes one can schedule x10 files to upload and the config file is editable.

Q. Through the front-end, are the .sched and .confg files checked for compliance with Heyu? or is it left as a check to do when Heyu starts (as is currently the case)?
A. Compliance is checked by heyu and any errors will be read to STDOUT when Debug_Script is True.  Otherwise errors goto the servers error logs. 

Q. Is there a way to dim/bright ?
A. Yes, as of version 10.17 dimming is supported for aliases that have the "StdLM" module type.



Heyu Web Interface is a low profile, home brewed CGI design for 
home automation. Using heyu as the backend, the web interface gives you control while home or away. It incorporates simplicity and speed with mobile or desktop access in mind. Sit back and enjoy because now you are in control.


Easy to navigate control panel.  Super fast and light-weight.  Written in bash for a small foot print.  Create and upload timers and schedule macros to the CM11A interface. Use your existing x10config file or use the one included.  Ajax auto-refresh for real time updates of modules.  Works on OpenWRT embedded systems. View "man"-ual  pages.  Access and control all 256 units at once, or only those assigned aliases.  Easily check for updates and newer versions. Crontab interface, dimming with HTML5, Ajax GNU top utitlity....and more!


Some knowledge of Apache2 configuration and Linux permissions. 

This script is a CGI using bash 4.* or higher as the scripting
language. A python version is also available but because it is still in development it lacks a lot of features.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome work and are supported.  However, Internet Explorer will drop cookies with domain names that are not RFC-Compliant Domain Names. For example 

HTML5 dimming sliders are known to work on Opera, Safari, Chrome and KDEs Rekonq but not on Firefox, iPhone or IE.  HTML 4 dimming is used instead if the HTML 5 element is not supported.


Special thanks goes to the heyu community and to all whom found bugs and reported them and to all the great suggestions.

In Memory of  Charles W. Sullivan

December 28, 1939 - October 27, 2010
....may you rest in peace


This software is licensed under the Artistic License 2.0.


Version: 11.61
Download: Heyu Web Interface
MD5sum:  7494d90ddc01fb9860f1356fad720151  

Nightly Builds: Nightly Builds


Main Screen: Main Screen
Control Panel: Main View
Show All Modules: Show_all_Modules
Manual Page: Manaul Pages
Compact Theme:Compact Theme
Music Player: Screeny 1 

About Me

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to read about me.  

My enthusiasm with alternate operating systems like Linux began in the late 90's with RedHat and Suse, but bad luck with hardware and other matters kept me on windows 2000.  

I dabbled in QNX and BeOS and found them to be really fun and enjoyable.  One day a colleague recommended I try this thing called Ubuntu Warty Warthog.  So I did and I was quite impressed and have stuck with Ubuntu ever since.   

In the mid 90's I purchased Active Home Kit and played with it on windows 95. The thrill soon fizzled out and the CM11A quickly found its way to the bottom collection of used computer parts.  

Years later I came across and noticed it worked with the CM11A.  So I decided to give it a try. I plugged it in and just like it said it would the thing worked.  So being somewhat versed in CGI scripting I decided to make a web interface. 

Thanks for all the fish,