Install new fixture~ $100 - $200

Replace fixture~ $25 - $100

Panel Upgrade~ Based on size of panel and other factors.    Please call for more details.

Install Low voltage Landscape Lighting~$25 - $75

Install Recessed Lighting~ $100 per light

All services are subject to a minimum $125 minimum charge per day/per person unless otherwise noted.
If the services require two people the minimum charge is $250 per day/per person unless otherwise noted.

Prices shown are for labor only. Additional charges are added for material.
Additional charges maybe added on a $90/hourly basis for assembly of fixtures.

Prices shown are a minimal estimate and may increase due to unforeseen conditions.

Additional charges may apply if the existing electrical system is incorrectly wired and/or is subject to be brought up to code to meet the minimum safety standards. See Terms for more details.

Quotes via email/text with pictures and details are preferred, otherwise, a quote charge may be required.